Chemotherapy is the use of a drug to treat a disease.

Not all chemotherapy drugs work the same way and there are many different types of chemotherapy. This is a head-to-toe treatment approach which makes it different from surgery and radiation.


Chemotherapy may be given:

  • Before surgery or radiation to shrink the size of the tumor
  • With radiation in cases of cervical cancer to help increase the response to treatment
  • After surgery or radiation to treat any residual cancer cells that remain.

Chemo can be:

Curative – used to treat the cancer with the goal of it never coming back.

Maintenance – used to control the tumor by keeping it from growing or spreading and can be given routinely for extended periods of time, until  the tumor response or a new treatment regimen is needed.

Palliative – used in advanced stage cancer with the goal of shrinking the tumor to ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

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