The Girlfriend’s Guide to ThermiVa

Like any medical procedure, there are technical ways to talk about Thermiva. You’ll see phrases floating around like ‘vaginal atrophy’, ‘atrophic vaginitis’, and ‘vulvovaginal tightening’ that may just have you wanting to run for the hills.


The procedure isn’t scary, intimidating, or all that complicated. AND it works. To ease the tension, we at Practice Happiness thought you might be interested in the girlfriend’s guide to Thermiva. Or, Thermiva the way your best friend of 20 years would tell it to you.

You: “I don’t know if I’m really someone who would get the Thermiva treatment.”

Girlfriend: Have you seen this new video, the one about a certain lady named ‘Jane’? If not, you can watch it here. Jane could be any of us. Maybe childbirth made things a little more loose than you would like down there? Could menopause be causing changes that make intimacy hard with your honey? Is it physically painful to even have sex? Feeling that way is so twenty years ago. Thermiva can help with all of that… and even help intimacy be better than ever before.

But it isn’t even just about that. Maybe when you hang out with your friends and really get laughing you pee yourself a little (yikes!) – Thermiva helps with that. What about sneeze-peeing? Yep, that too.

And what about how adorable workout leggings are all the rage now? If your cutest pair of leggings are tight in all the wrong places, Thermiva helps get that under control so you can work out without a care in the world (except for making it through those last five reps).

Essentially, Thermiva treatment can be for anyone. There’s no stereotype or single reason to get the procedure – the only thing to ask yourself is if it could help you to practice happiness in your life.

You: “A medical procedure sounds kind of intimidating….”

Girlfriend: ‘Treatment’ is the better term, and it can actually be pretty enjoyable. Numerous patients have said that Dr. Natalie Drake put them totally at ease, and have been able to chat with her the whole time the procedure takes place! Not to mention- it’s completely non-surgical and is really quick – typically only about a half hour.

The Thermiva just uses applied heat via radiofrequency, which helps to tighten your tissues. You start to notice a difference quickly, there’s no recovery time, and you get to simply go about your day after your session is completed. Going to the grocery store is more complicated than getting the Thermiva treatment.

And yes, it’s FDA approved and very safe.

You: “But does it last?”  

Girlfriend: Long enough to make for an incredible year; results typically last 9-12 months. That’s a year of fun, freedom, and banishing insecurities. Talk about priceless.

You: “How do I get started?”

Girlfriend: If you have questions or want to book a consultation, give Practice Happiness a call! Get your consultation to figure out if Thermiva can help change your life, get questions answered, and talk about the logistical stuff. It’s worth it!