PostOp Vulvectomy

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POSTOP Instructions for Minor Surgery: (Vulvectomy) 

1 Keep your vulvectomy incision(s) clean by using a peri-bottle or any squirt bottle filled with a sudsy mix of water and antibacterial soap. Squirt and rinse the area 12x a day and after urinating, then pat dry. 

2 Showers and hair washing are permitted. No baths, soaking or swimming until assessed at post op appointment

3 Spotting and discharge are expected as the area heals. 

4 Avoid sexual intercourse, tampon use and douching until assessed at post op appointment. 

5 Do not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds (ie gallon of milk) for 6-8 weeks after your surgery. 

6 Avoid driving until assessed at post op appointment. You may ride as a passenger, if you will be travelling long distances as a passenger, please stop every hour and walk for 15 minutes to improve circulation in your legs. 

7 Avoid bending, squatting, pushing or pulling and do not perform any strenuous activity at home until assessed at post op appointment

8 Limit activity at home to gentle walking, taking small steps to prevent tension in the area. This will help to keep the sutures intact and promote healing. 

See Constipation Education for ways to prevent Constipation. Do not strain to have a bowel movement. You should have at least one soft stool a day that passes without straining. Constipation can cause bloating, abdominal discomfort and worsen pain. Straining to have a bowel movement puts pressure and increased tension on your sutures, which can cause them to separate and delay wound healing


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Oncology Specialists of Texa

Additional postop instructions are individualized and based on post op appointment assessments. Please do not perform these activities until discussed at your post op appointment: 

Please call our office if you experience any of the following symptoms: 

  • Heavy bleeding (soaking 1 pad/hr) 
  •  Temperature over 100.5 D Any vomiting 
  • Pain not controlled with prescription pain medications 
  • Any swelling in your legs No bowel movement within 3 (three) days of being home. 

This form acknowledges that I have received surgery instructions from the medical staff in the office of Richard Drake, MD. Failure to stop the medication as indicated, completing pre operative testing, following your bowel prep and dietary instructions, or not arriving on time could result in your surgery being cancelled or rescheduled to a later date / time

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