PreOp Major Surgery

Oncology Specialists of Texa

Hospital Preadmission Testing Date/Time: 

Lab work, EKG, and chest Xray may be performed at this visit. Please bring a list of all current medications to this appointment

Preadmission Testing: P.A.T. Date/Time P.A.T.

Please discontinue the following medications 7 days prior to surgery: 

1 Aspirin Motrin/Ibuprofen/Advil, Naproxen, Aleve, Anaprox, Meloxicam

2 Plavix 

3 Coumadin/Warfarin 

4 Other blood thinners (ie. Xarelto, Eliquis) 

5 Multivitamin, Vitamin C, E, Fish oil or Turmeric 

Failure to discontinue these medications may result in cancellation of your surgery. 

PRE-OP Instructions for Major Surgery

Bowel Prep Instructions the day before surgery:

Purchase 2 (two) bottles of Magnesium Citrate (clear only) at any local pharmacy or grocery store.

This is an over the counter product and no prescription is required.

Drink one bottle at 3:00 pm and the 2nd bottle at 7 pm the day before surgery: 

Diet the day before surgery: 

Regular breakfast with no restrictions

Clear liquid lunch and dinner

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight 

The anesthesiology team may give you instructions to continue certain medications, particularly heart or blood pressure medications with a sip of water

Please follow their instructions.

Clear liquid diet: Food allowed at lunch and dinner 

1 Broth and bouillon

2 Clear juices 

apple or white grape no pulp or colored juices

3 Caffeinated/decaffeinated tea or black coffee 

Do not add milk, milk products, or creamers

4 Clear carbonated beverages 

Ginger Ale Sprite 7 Up

5 Ice chips, dye-free (green and yellow are allowed) Jell-o, popsicles and hard candy


Items to purchase prior to surgery: 

For bowel prep PRE-OP 

2 (two) bottles of Magnesium Citrate (clear only) 

Clear liquid diet items for lunch and dinner the day before surgery

For possible spotting/ discharge 

Pad / Panty liner of your choice

For constipation prevention 

Colace/ Docusate 

MiraLAX Magnesium (with physician approval) Probiotics

For gas pain relief 

Gas-X / Simethicone 


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