Redefining Postpartum Care

Meet the Co-founders of Back After Baby

back-after-baby-foundersHello! We are Hallie and Ingrid- two moms and physical therapists on a mission to provide women with the knowledge and resources they need to properly recover and get back after baby! We developed this three phase postpartum care program after years of treating women with back pain, urinary incontinence, shoulder pain, neck pain… should we continue? The common denominator? They were all moms— anywhere from two months to ten years postpartum— who never properly retrained their muscles after having a baby. We are passionate about redefining what it means to get “back after baby” and we want to empower women with the tools they need to improve their musculoskeletal health.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Natalie Drake, gynecologist and fellow women’s health advocate. Dr. Drake has made significant contributions to women’s health through research and education at the Cleveland Clinic and she continues to advance the standard of care for women here in the Houston area where she treats patients throughout their lifespan. Dr. Drake can help with issues such as hormonal imbalance, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and urinary incontinence. And when it comes to restoring the pelvic floor, she believes a targeted rehabilitation program should be the first step. That’s where we come in!

With most postpartum programs emphasizing weight loss instead of muscle recovery, who would know that retraining your muscles was so important? Why not just go back to your pre-baby routine? Well, let me tell you… During pregnancy your joints, muscles, soft tissue (ligaments), and spine undergo significant changes. Add weight gain, water retention, and crazy hormone fluctuations to the mix and you have a recipe for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. And, contrary to the long held belief, your body does NOT just rebound and go back to “normal”. So what happens when the physical demands of everyday life are placed on these stretched, weakened, traumatized muscles? Women may experience any of the following: incontinence, pain, numbness/tingling/burning, popping, and fatigue. These are all warning signs that your body is not functioning the way it should. It’s important to remember that these signs, although COMMON, are not NORMAL and should be taken seriously. Back After Baby is an excellent first line of defense for women seeking improved musculoskeletal health. Want to know the best part? BAB is appropriate for EVERY mom at ANY stage of motherhood. It is never to late to reconnect with your body and discover your core!

postpartum-workoutWe based much of the Back After Baby program on our own clinical practice. We guide our members through each phase of the program in the same way we would progress through a traditional physical therapy plan. This method is tried and true, and it addresses the whole body. Back After Baby is different from most fitness based workouts because it is rehabilitation based, targeting specific muscles in unique ways so that you work smarter, not just harder. In addition, the program is built for each person’s unique set of needs, based on assessments that each member completes throughout the program. Assessments determine your muscular recruitment, core stability, strength, endurance and flexibility, and allow us to develop a program specific to YOU! Once you have completed your assessment we’ll provide a list of recommended exercises along with guided instruction, including what you should and shouldn’t feel, and when you might need to stop or modify. Ready to test your musculoskeletal health? Click here to get started!

postpartum_core_exercisesIn addition to your list of exercises, we offer online resources such as body mechanics training and positioning strategies to help limit the stress on your muscles and joints when sleeping, lifting, breast feeding, and carrying. Our members become part of our BAB community with access to our Facebook groups for virtual classes and instructional videos. We also provide local workshops, small group classes, and one on one physical therapy in the home for those interested in additional instruction and guidance.

We are so fortunate to work with physicians like Dr. Drake who understand the importance of rehabilitation but also offer additional treatment options when necessary. We recommend women draft a knowledgeable and patient-centered healthcare team to help guide them through all of life’s changes. Programs like Back After Baby can be a great resource for physicians and patients alike when it comes to improving musculoskeletal health.

We know this program can be life changing, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our members has to say…

“Back After Baby has given me hope that I will be able to restore my body to a pre-baby level and potentially even better. I had so many muscle imbalances that I would injure myself when working out or would get pinched nerves in my neck & shoulders just from sleeping. As I’m progressing through Back After Baby, I feel myself getting stronger, having better posture and in less pain.” ~ Cristy

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Drake call 281-402-3268 or visit her website at

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