Routine STD Testing: How Long Do STD Tests Take?

All About STD Tests: How Long Do They Take and Why are They Important?

Are you someone who tends to wait until you have symptoms to visit your doctor? If so, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, while this may seem like the easiest and most affordable option, routine physicals and routine Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) tests are very important. In fact, routine STD tests are imperative because as MedlinePlus states, “STDs don’t always cause symptoms, so it is possible to catch or spread an infection even if you or your partner seem healthy.”

So if you want to know more about why routine STD tests are important, how long STD tests take and how you can find STD testing in Houston, Texas, read on.


Why is Routine STD Testing Necessary?

As stated previously, STDs are not always obvious, so the only way to know if you and your partner(s) are sexually healthy is through testing. And as Planned Parenthood states, it’s not always about finding out if you have an STD, it’s sometimes about discovering which you may have. “You can get tested for most STDs whether or not you have any symptoms.Some STDs look and act alike, so you might be tested for a few different infections.”

Still wondering why it’s so important to know if you have an STD and which one you may have? MedilinePlus says it best. “Left untreated, certain STDs can cause devastating and long-term health problems such as blindness, brain damage, infertility, birth defects, and even death. Fortunately, all STDs can be treated, and some can be cured entirely. STD testing can help you get diagnosed and treated so you may avoid serious complications.”

And as we stress the importance of routine STD testing, it’s helpful to note that the necessary “regular” cadence will also vary by STD, your gender, age and current health status.

How Does STD Testing Work?

And How Long Does STD Testing Take?

As with most routine care, many tend to overlook these regular visits due to constraints on their time and resources. So if you are one of the many wondering “how long does STD testing take?”, don’t worry, it won’t take up too much time.

First, to accurately answer how long STD testing takes, it’s important to understand the various types of STD tests and how they work.

STD-testing2According to MedlinePlus, the three most common types of STD tests you may undergo during a routine STD test include blood tests, urine tests and swabs. Blood tests involve your doctor taking blood from your arm via a needle to test for things such as HIV and syphilis. During a urine test you will simply urinate into a cup so your doctor can test for Trichomoniasis, and swabbing is when your doctor takes a sample of the infected area to test for HPV, herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

And MedlinePlus goes on to state, you won’t have to factor any prep into your estimate of how long your STD tests will take. “You don’t need any special preparations for a blood test. If you’re a woman, you may need to avoid douches and vaginal creams for 24 hours before a urine or swab test.”

And, if you are also like most people, your biggest question is likely how long it will take to find out if you have an STD.

As Planned Parenthood explains, it depends on the type of test. “Your doctor may be able to tell right away if you have an STD. But some tests take a few days or weeks to come back from a lab.”

STD Testing in Houston, Texas

If you are in search of trusted, routine STD testing in Houston, Texas, look no further than Dr. Natalie Drake. STD testing is a very personal experience, and comfort with your physician is key to sticking to routine testing. Patients praise Dr. Drakes vast knowledge, excellent communication skills and personal nature as reasons they trust her with their sexual health.

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