Why Do I Need 3 ThermiVa Treatments?

To understand why you need three ThermiVa treatments when you start your vaginal rejuvenation experience, it is important to understand how ThermiVa works.  

Collagen Formation and Remodeling

Collagen is a protein involved in the structural support or our tissues. It functions like a brick in the wall of your skin and mucosa. When we are younger we produce lots of collagen in our tissues, and we produce it either at the same or at an increased rate to which we metabolize it (use it up). As we age, we continue to metabolize collagen, but our production decreases dramatically, and the collagen we have becomes uncoiled and is not as effective. This results in lower and lower levels of functional collagen in our skin as we age, causing it to lose its structural support and sag (among other effects).

The ThermiVa Vaginal Laser uses radiofrequency energy to induce tissue to produce more collagen than the tissue naturally would produce during that time period. With each treatment, there is immediate remodeling of the collagen already present in the tissue. Then approximately 2-3 weeks after each procedure, new collagen formation increases far above baseline and continues for 2-3 months.  

Why This Treatment Interval?

When a second ThermiVa treatment is performed during the initial stages of the new collagen formation (3-6 weeks after the treatment) it enhances this stage and encourages even more collagen formation and the other effects of ThermiVa than the first treatment would on its own.  In other words, if you had two treatments waiting three months between treatments they would not produce nearly as much collagen at the end as having them one month apart.

Why Three Treatments?

Based on numerous trials done by Thermi Health, all women who have not previously had full correction with vaginal rejuvenation need to start with a series of three treatments, making sure the second and third treatments are being performed during the early stages of new collagen formation from the previous treatment to maximize collagen production for a total of five to six months.  After a series of three treatments, women will still metabolize their collagen, but since they will have produced so much collagen from the series of three treatments, single treatments every 9-12 month should be sufficient to maintain the effects.  

Other practitioners may claim that you can get results with only one treatment and may offer to sell treatments one at a time to new patients.  We at Practice Happiness don’t believe this is in the patient’s best interest.  In our experience, a woman may or may not get any substantial results with her first treatment alone, and if she does, it won’t be long-lasting because there most likely won’t be sufficient collagen production to last through a sustained period of collagen metabolism.   If a single procedure is performed, and a patient gets partial results that last two months then goes away over a month, they have lost the window of opportunity to have the second treatment to enhance the collagen formation of the first treatment and provide its own collagen formation.  This patient would probably need another series of three treatments to get optimal results again as they are back to baseline. This is a waste of time and money for an unhappy patient.      

At Practice Happiness our goal is for our patients to have excellent, long-lasting results.  We want all or our patients to go out into the community and be testimonials to how the treatments we offer changed their lives. Therefore, we only offer ThermiVa in a manner that we feel will give patients the help and satisfaction that they deserve and have come to expect from our practice.  

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