O Shot Injections

What is the O Shot® procedure?

The O Shot® procedure helps to increase sexual sensation and orgasmic function.

What does O Shot® treat?

• Improves sexual sensation
• Stress or mild urinary incontinence
• Inability to reach orgasm
• Urge urinary incontinence
• Lichen sclerosus
• Lichen planus
• Postpartum fecal incontinence
• Chronic pain from child birth incision trauma
• Mesh chronic pain

What are O Shot® results?

You may expect results of improved sexual responsiveness from the injections. Both vascularity and new tissue stimulation can occur in the clitoral region serving to enhance blood flow to the area. If you have experienced lack of sensation during sexual intercourse, you may also benefit from increased sensory nerve regrowth proven to occur with the O Shot® treatment.

What are the benefits of O Shot® treatments?

• Improved vascularity in vaginal region
• Enhanced nerve stimulation and regrowth
• Increase in sexual responsiveness
• Potentially relieves discomfort
• Increased blood flow to clitoris
• Enhanced vaginal sensitivity
• Potential improved arousal and orgasm
• Regrowth of new tissue
• Potential of decreased stress and urinary incontinence symptoms

Is O Shot® safe?

The safety and efficacy of the use of PRP for other applications such as in the specialties of orthopedics and cosmetic procedures has been widely documented. Since there are no synthetic agents present in the substance, the literature suggests no systematic reactions, infections or allergic reactions have occurred.

O Shot® reviews and testimonials

I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to get the O-Shot. I was afraid at first, not knowing what to expect… such time wasted worrying as I look back. It was painless and easy. The benefits were incredible. For me, minor leakage eliminated and organisms intensified. You made me feel so comfortable through the procedure as you took time to explain the process. Thank you, it was a game changer!!
Gratefully yours,

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