Comprehensive Approach to Women’s Health in The Woodlands, Texas

Woodlands, Texas Power Couple Combine Forces for Womens Health

Sometimes, two is even better than one.

That is now certainly the case for women’s health in The Woodlands, Texas.

In big news for women in The Woodlands, esteemed gynecological medical practitioners Drs. Richard and Natalie Drake are now working together at Oncology Specialists of Texas, to provide the most comprehensive, specialized women’s healthcare in the area.

To learn more about their combined expertise and approach to women’s health, read on.

A Comprehensive Approach to Women’s Health

Given Drs. Richard and Natalie Drake’s respective backgrounds, they can provide women in The Woodlands an integrated approach to normal female and hormonal issues as well as highly specialized treatment and recovery for gynecologic cancers. They are offering them the comprehensive treatment they require and deserve. 

Dr. Richard Drake is a Gynecologic Oncologist who specializes in various types of female cancers as well as treatment approaches, including complex laparoscopic and robotic procedures, fertility-sparing surgery, and risk reduction approaches.

Dr. Natalie Drake is not only a menopause treatment specialist, but she has also pioneered the use of effective, safe, and alternative methods of treating women for things such as pelvic dysfunction and vaginal pain and dryness, vaginal atrophy, and urinary incontinence.

Having such unique yet symbiotic expertises allows the two physicians to partner to help women all the way from detection to treatment to rejuvenation.

Trusted and Respected Backgrounds at the Cleveland Clinic

Both Drs. Richard and Natalie Drake have come to practice in The Woodlands after years of experience at one of the world’s most respected medical institutions, the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Richard served as an assistant staff member in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Dr. Natalie was a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Clinic’s Lerner College of Medicine, completing the Clinic’s Distinguished Educator Series.

Between this respected training and background, as well as multiple published articles under both doctors’ belts, they have been able to explore and determine the safest and smartest ways to tailor women’s healthcare to each individual patient. And now, they are combining these methods for personalized end-to-end care.

Minimally Invasive Innovation That Covers Every Stage

Both Drs. Richard and Natalie Drake understand and share the belief that not only should minimally invasive options be explored when possible, but also that women’s health needs extend beyond cancer treatment — driving the decision for their partnership. They know that whether for post-cancer recovery or for non-cancer patients, women need and deserve to feel their best, healthiest self in the safest way possible.

In his work, Dr. Richard has embraced two minimally invasive cancer treatments: advanced laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery. The former is an effective technique that also results in shorter recovery and hospital time as well as less pain. The latter allows him to minimize trauma through the use of a precise and accurate technique.

Sharing the same affinity for minimally invasive women’s health tactics is why Dr. Natalie has embraced and led the push in The Woodlands and in the country for the use of technology like ThermiVa, radiofrequency rejuvenation technology, and BioTE, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. These techniques more safely provide vaginal rejuvenation and treat hormone imbalance, respectively, and can be a great accompaniment following cancer treatment with Dr. Richard or serve as standalone treatments.

If you are interested in partnering with trusted and seasoned doctors who can provide an end-to-end approach to your health, please contact ONCSOT today.